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Student Leaders Assembly '17

Makulay na disenyo ng stage at masisiglang mga tugtog ng drums ang umalingawngaw sa pagbubukas ng taunang Student Leaders Assembly sa Don Bosco Mandaluyong na ginanap noong Agosto 15-16, 2017...

Leader In You (KYLA VII)

Witnessing a crowd of students in one place, full of cheery laughter, big smiles, and bold faces is a sight to behold. To see them getting ready to embark on a night of formation, camaraderie and values, is something you don't want to miss.

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Time is Gold

By: Jules Arceo | August 25, 2017

As the cliché quote goes around, I believe it is being taken for granted. If you will really analyze it, time IS gold because you can either waste it for your own indulgences and regret

later on, or you can make use of it for what it’s meant to be for and continue on living happily.


Today, I am here to talk about time management and give

you ways on how to manage your time well.


Lately, we have been bombarded with numerous performance

tasks from different subjects we attend to. Sometimes, these can be can be easily done and may not even be noticed, however there are those that can be punishing. Performance

tasks such as researches need a lot of time to accomplish unlike some that can be done on one seating only.

First, make a list of your PeTa’s, its corresponding deadline, and post it on your room door. In front of your room door, like before you open your room’s room door. This way, you can always get reminded of the things you need to do upon arriving home.


Second, distinguish the PeTa’s you can do on one sitting and those that need an ample amount time for completion. Accompany it with logging out from your social media accounts and dedicate your full attention to these projects. Even for me, a simple chat tone from Messenger or WeChat can be very tempting, so in order to avoid this, you need to stay away from your accounts for a while.


Keep in mind NOT to do them all at once. “Lahat ng sobra ay masama” –no one’s forcing you to do your PeTa’s all at once. Try rewarding yourself every time you have accomplished a single performance task.


Also, learn to love what you are doing. Yes, at first performance tasks can be heartbreaking to hear but if you dedicate and persevere your work into it, you’ll learn to love [or at least like] what you are doing.


Lastly, never be afraid to ask help. No man is an island. True friends will always be there to help you, even with projects, and if it’s not too awkward for you, your parents are always there for you no matter what.


I may have given you some tips on how to manage your time well, but you know what? It’s your choice. You can go on with temptations, and live happy-go-luckily, but be ready to face the consequences. Or you could start doing those requirements now and finish, and enjoy later on. It’s your choice, not mine. I’m just saying.


Culture of Integrity

Three years ago, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, DD, challenged the Catholic faithful in the Philippines to fight the culture of corruption with the culture of integrity.   He stressed that we can cultivate this virtue and create this culture by being men and women of our word.  We have to walk our talk starting in our families, in our homes and in our schools, he said.  We can practice this in our DBA family by being true to our word (“palabra de honor”)...


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Pampanga, Philippines, 2010


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