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Student Leaders Assembly '17

Makulay na disenyo ng stage at masisiglang mga tugtog ng drums ang umalingawngaw sa pagbubukas ng taunang Student Leaders Assembly sa Don Bosco Mandaluyong na ginanap noong Agosto 15-16, 2017...

Leader In You (KYLA VII)

Witnessing a crowd of students in one place, full of cheery laughter, big smiles, and bold faces is a sight to behold. To see them getting ready to embark on a night of formation, camaraderie and values, is something you don't want to miss.

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Taking Over the Crown

By: Gerry Naguit | August 29, 2017

The British follow a certain rule when deciding over their next ruler. They consider various categories such as blood relations, age and gender. That considering, the eldest male child of a certain king has greater chances of getting the crown compared to the youngest female child of a commoner. Of course, this speaks of ruling in a country. I only have to deal with a school.


As a student, I have never imagined becoming a leader. After all, it is super hard and sometimes regretful to take over a position of someone you know is better than you. There is also a need to assign requirements, encourage members and set meetings. You take the blame when your associates don’t pass their tasks, plus it takes a lot of your free time.


Still, it has its pros. Because you are taking over, you are given a chance to ask help from peers. In this case, we have teachers and parents. We could also consider old members as peers, as long as they know what’s more appropriate than you.


I didn’t expect myself to become the newly-appointed editor-in-chief of Siuala this year because I only joined the club last year. However, certain events entitled me to be so. I was the only member of my batch so it made me feel out of place at first. Lest I forget, I was not an active participant in the club, as in not passing any article, since Siuala was just a special club. Therefore, it doesn’t seem like something

I should worry about that time.


Now that the crown had been given to me, it compels me to act more and inspire more. Kuya Capati, the previous chief, always tells me to voice out what I want done because he knows better. That doesn’t worry me as he has more experience. I must admit, though. He’s more active than me. But, I promise to walk more on my own two feet the next time around.


To whom this position, or any position like this, gets passed next year: don’t hesitate about taking over. It is a fun job once you get the hang of it. After all, taking over the crown in school does not compare to taking over the crown in a country.


Culture of Integrity

Three years ago, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, DD, challenged the Catholic faithful in the Philippines to fight the culture of corruption with the culture of integrity.   He stressed that we can cultivate this virtue and create this culture by being men and women of our word.  We have to walk our talk starting in our families, in our homes and in our schools, he said.  We can practice this in our DBA family by being true to our word (“palabra de honor”)...


Mabiga, Mabalacat City,

Pampanga, Philippines, 2010


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