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Student Leaders Assembly '17

Makulay na disenyo ng stage at masisiglang mga tugtog ng drums ang umalingawngaw sa pagbubukas ng taunang Student Leaders Assembly sa Don Bosco Mandaluyong na ginanap noong Agosto 15-16, 2017...

Leader In You (KYLA VII)

Witnessing a crowd of students in one place, full of cheery laughter, big smiles, and bold faces is a sight to behold. To see them getting ready to embark on a night of formation, camaraderie and values, is something you don't want to miss.

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Culture of Integrity

Three years ago, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, DD, challenged the Catholic faithful in the Philippines to fight the culture of corruption with the culture of integrity.   He stressed that we can cultivate this virtue and create this culture by being men and women of our word.  We have to walk our talk starting in our families, in our homes and in our schools, he said.  We can practice this in our DBA family by being true to our word (“palabra de honor”)...

Pen: A Paragon of a Human’s Life

by Fe Faye Lucille D. Ocampo

Who are you? Do you know yourself? What are your bases in knowing yourself deeply? Well, who would’ve thought that a simple pen can be like you?


You are a pen.


A pen is a unique writing implement. It has an ink that is very vital in order to write or draw. This is a good element of a pen that others may overlooked, others failed to see how it is very important. And just like the pen, there is something good in you that others may see but you cannot, or vice versa.


In life, it’s great to know that you failed to do well in many things, but others can still see the good in you.

This will make you realize that what really matters most is the inside, the good one, no matter how big or small it is.


A pen that is frequently used will cause its ink to be empty. And without its ink, it demotes the purpose of the pen. But if will be replaced or refilled by the user, it will be useful again. You are a pen. You are as useful and convenient just like the pen.


In life, you experienced a lot of hard and painful trials and you somehow think of giving up. You felt useless. But, God is so compassionate that He will always guide and find a way for us to overcome these challenges. He will give us many reasons to find hope even in times of failure, He will let us see courage in times of fear, He will let us see the beauty in every tragedy, the million reasons to be happy despite all the agony.


When using the pen, it is unavoidable to create mistakes. Hence, there is the correction tape or liquid eraser provided to correct and continue what we are writing. You are as flexible just like the pen.


In life, you commit mistakes, whether intentional or not. You tend to forget that there are good things in being broken, that there are good things in every failure. You committed many mistakes, you failed many times, but these made you appreciate the people who are always there behind your back. Just like the correction tape, they helped you to erase the heartaches of the past in order to move on. You learned from them especially the sense of forgiveness and sincerity.


You are as inevitable as the pen. A pen can leave a mark that cannot be easily erased. As an individual, in every path you take, leave a mark. It is your choice if it’ll be in a positive or negative way. No matter what the situation is, remain focused in fulfilling your work. Make your life a meaningful one being God as the center of it.


But the pen cannot stand alone. It must be held to be used. You cannot fulfil your responsibilities if you’ll not allow God to hold you. In life, He will never leave you during good and bad times. You can do great things with God. With Him, you are assured of everything.


Who would have thought that a simple pen can be as significant as you? As you go along in life, you will soon realize the reasons why you are living. Just like a pen, we are all made for a purpose.


Mabiga, Mabalacat City,

Pampanga, Philippines, 2010


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