DBA is Integrity

By giving them education, we strive to equipt our Bosconians with competence. By doing this in an environment of family, we make them gain confidence. Add to these our commitment to form them into men and women of character. DBA turns students into servant-leaders, good Christians and upright citizens. We instill in our youth the love of God, family, community and country.

DBA is Quality

Like the more than two thousand Don Bosco schools in 135 countries world-wide, DBA forms students with a curriculum that is holistic and relevant, in a way that is Catholic and Selesian, with values integration and technology aptness, that is fit for the 21st Century learners. All these we do because like St. John Bosco, our father and founder, we believe in the indispensable importance of young people.

The Three Features of the Preventive System

We inspire the soul.


Don Bosco based his educational method on the Catholic faith tradition and believed that faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to the Church were needed not only for spiritual growth.

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We appeal to the mind.


By reason Don Bosco meant at least four things: i) Arthur Lenti, a specialist on Don Bosco says that “reason may be defined as justice, in the sense that the educator, as well as the youngster,

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We touch the heart.


Don Bosco used to adivse the directors of Salesian institutions: “Try to make yourself loved rather than feared” The love that he had in mind was a spiritually mature, impartial, generous,

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"When it comes to the salvation of souls and the education of the young, we cannot settle for mediocrity. We must give our very best,"

-St. John Bosco

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